Intro To Band Repair

The first course in the program is “Intro To Band Repair” with lecture and a hands-on lab. We will discuss quick fixes and basic repair procedures on woodwinds and brass. This course also goes along with my deluxe repair tool kit which I have been selling to educators all over the country! I think I’m up to 43 kits in 6 states now!

**This intro course is limited to music educators, music ed majors and high school students looking at a career in musical instrument repair**

-The 8 hour hands-on course is $300.

-My deluxe tool repair kits are $750.

-Deals on multiple purchases 

Intro To Band Repair” class dates: 

1-24-21 Sunday

1-30-21 Saturday

2-07-21 Saturday

2-21-21 Sunday

*Course is 9am-5:30pm with a 1 hour lunch break

*Limited to 6 people per class

*Ages 16-adult.

Other Amount: USD