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“…Bill was on stage with some of the best players in Atlanta and he easily held his own. Now this was refreshing, a horn player standing out with some of the best guitar players in Atlanta…”

Giuseppe Colato

President and CEO, Dirty South TV

“I consider Bill Smith a phenomenal sax player who caresses melodies, putting a lot of emotion into his solos. What a terrific addition to the amazing musicians in Atlanta.”

Lucy Piller

Publicist & Media, AllRightNow.com

“A rare talent, not many musicians these days have the versatility to move between genres. Bill smith has limitless range and a professionalism that makes him really easy to work with.”

V the noble 1

Noble 1, Flame-on Entertainment

“vous êtes fantastiques…….. that is truly what you are”

Heaven Davis

Professional Musician, Heaven Davis Music